Learn to create radiant wellness without demanding diets,  hard exercise and a cupboard full of expensive supplements. 

Jump into a three week adventure with me where you will learn how to love your body in an entirely enchanted new way. The "love your body" curriculum includes no diets, no exercise plan and certainly no  weight loss prescriptions. 

It's not about fixing yourself from the outside in. Its about transforming yourself from the inside out.

You will learn some surprisingly simple and highly non-ordinary  methods to create wellness, vitality and health....all with the power of the magic you are. 

Why I Created This 22 Day Course

I'm 55 years old and I've learned a few magic tricks along the way when it comes to health. Sure, eating well is great and exercising the body is an important act of self love. 

But I've discovered that no amount of organic food, green smoothies and yoga postures matter if there are underlying subsconscious and ancestral  messages I give my body about unwellness. 

You see, I've played around with illness and learned a lot about how the magic of my infinite self has the final say in my health outcomes. Two autoimmune disorders, with prognosis for chronic and degenerative progresssions, have completey healed. I've had breast lumps dissappear overnight and I've lost extra weight effortlessly with nothing more than a simple meditation. 

Basically, I've been on a lifelong curriculum to experiment with the healing magic of true nature. In this bootcamp, I'm not here to heal you. I'm here to remind you of the inherent power of wellness that exists already in the field of magic—a field that is who you are.  

And best of all, you will learn some really cool tricks  to heal yourself and to stay healthy from now on. 

Three Magic Health Tricks You Will LOVE

1. My fifteen minute Time Travel  guided meditation (Mp3 download ) will show you how to  undo damage done to your body in the past that still impacts you today. You will heal the past to restore the present.

2. Learn how to effortlessly dissolve  cravings for substances that do not suppport your body to be vital and full of radiant health.

3. Discover the three little known reasons health is a challenge—and learn the one essential and radically  fun way to turn your body into your best friend.

Are you ready for a life of vitality, the magical way?  

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