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What Participants are Saying about the 40 Day Magic Challenge!

A huge shift has happened since I started this 40 day challenge. Over this past week everything that seemed stuck in my life began moving and none of it seemed to particularly matter anymore! ...I am no longer tiny but VAST – vast is the only word that seems to work. And it feels just incredible, both in the sense of awesome and unbelievable! 

I feel like I am floating. This particular set of exercises to help us see the magic that is in us and in our lives, and invite more of it, has been so fun. Everything that happens is now open for the most delightful experiencing of it — from the mundane to the one-time events, I am loving staying in the question, “I wonder what will happen next!?

I have finally started seeing some things like I've never seen them before... Like a world within a world. Very magical looking, as well as viewing nature in a new way, I've never been so drawn to nature than I am now. I finally feel the presence of the universe so close and truly knowing I'm apart of it and it's apart of me. Absolutely amazing.